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personæ physical


what's your name, sailor? -------keep private
nicknames: GayFetishGoth, sir, evil, doc, goshujin-sama, freak, hey you
and your nicknames? -------keep private
website address: (obviously!)
and where is your website? -------keep private
image URL:

and where is your picture? -------keep private
eMail address:

g f g @ g a y f e t i s h g o t h . c o m

and your email address?
-------keep private
(this website NEVER sells email addresses or participates
in solicitation of business via email.)

i have a hoo-hoo dilly. (male)

and how do you identify?
what pronouns do you prefer:

he, him, his

what pronouns do you prefer?
what is your date of birth?

13 March, mumblemumble..

what is your date of birth?
what is your height?

180cm, ( 5' 10" )

what is your height?
what is your weight?

81 kilos, 13 stone, 170 lbs

what is your weight?
are you pierced?


are you pierced? yes ------------- no
if yes, how many and where?

2 in the right ear, 2 in the left, 1 in the left cartilage,
1 in the right nipple. i have had to take out the rest of
them because of the hassle at the airport security checkpoints...

if yes, how many and where?
do you have any tattoos?

I have a celtic knotwork of a bat (very much like the logo on this site,) around my left arm.

do you have any tattoos? yes------------- no
describe your tattoos:

when my partner and i have our commitment ceremony, i plan on having a solid black armband with the kanji for his japanese name in it...

describe your tattoos:
what is your relationship status?

happily involved in a long term relationship

what is your relationship status?

what is your sexual preference?

i like my men like i like my coffee; pale, sweet, and with a spoon in them... (homosexual)

what is your sexual preference?
what is your sexual role?

depends on my mood... i'm more of a top, but i'm relatively switchable, about 70/30.

what is your sexual role?
describe your ideal partner's appearance:

i'm in a relationship with him. I don't have an ideal partner, persay. I have always been attracted to androgynous guys, and I have always been attracted to long hair, bit they are certainly not requirements... attraction to me is more psychological than physical... how i meld with someone, their personality, their intelligence, passion, soulfullness has just as much to do it with as the physical... and so defining an ideal partner is difficult, because even if they look gorgeous, and i don't meld well with them, I will be unattracted to them. Unlike most guys, I have to ignore my brain to use my penis. For most guys, it's the other way around... But, if I were to leave the psychological behind, and go based solely on physical appearance, my ideal partner would be androgynous, have piercing eyes, sexy, kissable lips, would be waifish, or lightly muscular, would have to have earrings (guys always look sexier with silver hoops) and for post-sexual enjoyment, a nice chest. when i grow up, i want to date a rock star. i know it sounds like a bad line, but it's true. i am attracted to guys who look like rock stars. not necessarily the stereotypical rockstar, (longhair, open front shirt with abs exposed, and vinyl trousers; although that would certainly be nice...) but anyone who has the image of a rock star. it's the attitude one's image portrays... ( i don't want to date someone with a rockstar's attitude, persay, just the look.) most gothbois are very attractive to me as well... fortunately, i have been lucky enough to have my rockstar boyfriend, with the psychological and emotional attraction to back it up... so i'm covered. :)

describe your ideal partner's appearance:
what is your ideal partner wearing?

when it comes to sexual attraction, emotion plays a big part for me. i have to love someone to find them sexually appealing... but at the same time, i am a very visual person, and the visual aspects of that person plays a big role too... the rockstar image is very sexual to me. it exudes a raw, sensual power. put a guy in vinyl trousers, and he is all that much more appealing... a lot of it depends on mood, though. in some moods, nothing would be sexier than a guy wearing nothing but wrist cuffs and a collar... other times, a decked out gothboi with fabulous makeup, vinyl trousers, latex gloves and a fishnet shirt and hair to die for.. in one way or another, it all involves technofabrix and a rockstar image... i blame growing up with the new wave music of the 80's, and MTV. Give me a scrawny pale guy with some piercings and something shiny on, (preferably latex), and I'm a happy camper.

what is your ideal partner wearing?
what is your most common sexual fantasy?

Well, i don't really have a reoccurring fantasy... it depends, again, on my mood. (am i really as moody as i sound!?) I don't know if I have an 'ultimate' fantasy... it varies. Having a guy who's into the scenario and gear at hand, who is totally enthralled with being dominated, tortured, and at the mercy of my whims and desires is the common thread... latex and bondage are common themes as well. It depends on the scenario and the fetishes of who I am with.

So, just as much as I can enjoy watching a guy squirm and sweat in latex and chains, I can enjoy a guy writing underneath hot wax, or a spandex clad guy begging to be allowed to reach orgasm. Equally, seeing a guy get aroused while his nose is forced into my boots or sneakers, or watching a guy lick my boots... Seeing a guy laying on the bed with an erection sticking out of a furry costume; it's all good-- a lot of it has to do with how much the partner is into it. I'm versatile that way, I guess. My flexibility is only in how much the other is willing to do, and how much they are turned on and into it.

what is your most common sexual fantasy?
what almost always guarantees you an orgasm?

wow. what a personal question... someone once asked me this in an email... as a matter of fact, the email went something like "hi, my name is mike. what makes you almost always have an orgasm when with another guy?" i thought it was a bold question to ask, so i added it to the page. if i am penetrating my partner, and we have a deep, passionate, lustful kiss (no one can kiss quite like my k luc), than i will almost always orgasm... or, if someone is performing oral sex on me (and performing it well) and penetrates me at the same time, i will almost always orgasm.

what almost always guarantees you an orgasm?


what fetishes do you have?

Well, this is a difficult question. It depends on the mood between my partner any myself. I have tried and enjoyed many fetishes, and would happily do them again...but nothing is truly set in stone... my biggest and strongest fetishes are ayndrogeny, dominance, gasmasks, glamwear, gloves, gothic sexuality, latex/rubber, leather, longhair, punk, restraints, snowballing, and vinyl/pvc.. The most predominant of those is latex/rubber, longhair, glam wear and gothic sexuality.

what are your milder fetishes? like i said, i'll try anything once... if my partner is into it, than i'll do it again and again. most of the fetishes that i have are the result of previous experiences with partners who had that fetish... some of the fetishes i experienced which i still enjoy from time to time include armour, asphyxiation, biker (dirt & sport), biker (street & race), bloodsports, body modification, boots, cbt (administering, not receiving...), corsets, cum/sperm, dermagraphism, dog/puppy/obediance, electrostimuli, feet/foot worship (as the worshipee, not as worshipper), gasmasks, humiliation, interracial, knife/gunplay, masks/hoods, mummification, neoprene, nipple torment, plastic, piercing, raver/clubwear, rimming, rubber gloves, sadism/masochism, slavery, spandex, sports gear (amrour/padding), sweat, vampirism, vinyl/pvc, wax drippings.
what fetishes would you like to try? as you can see, i have experienced quite a bit... it seems that nearly every boyfriend i have ever had had some sort of fetish, so my experimentation is a bit wide in spectrum compared to most... i try to be as open minded to new experiences as much as possible, so there is precious little i won't try, although i do have my limits... some things on the list which i have not tried, but am curious to include anesthesia, bukkake, cosplay, down, exhibitionism, fire, fisting (giving, not receiving), fur, hypnosis, medical, olfactophelia, pony/equestrianism, pugilism (giving, not receiving), pumping, rough trade, sneakers/socks, transformation, uniforms, voyeurism, watersports (giving, not receiving), wrestling, yiffy, zentai...
are you secure with your sexual identity and your fetishes?

yes, otherwise, this section of the page would not exist.

are you secure with your sexual identity and your fetishes? yes------------- no


tactile fetishes
I do not like this on myself. (0%) I like this on myself a little (25%) I like this on myself. (50%) I like this on myself a lot. (75%) I am a particpating fetishist (100%) fetishes (click for definitions) I am an observational fetishist. (100%) I like this a lot on other people. (75%) I like this on other people. (50%) I like this a little on others (25%) I do not like this (0%)
abasiophilia / prosthetics / orthopædics
androgyny / gender neutrality 
animal transformation (anthropomorphic)
armour (metal) 
biker (dirt & sport) 
biker (street & race) 
bishonen (bishounen) (shotacon)
body modification (stigmatophilia)
body piercings
chav  / scally / charver
condoms / condusphilia
corsets (tightlacing) 
crossdressing (transvestism)
denim / jeans 
depilation / shaving
endytophilia / clothing 
fur / doraphilia
glamwear / seduziphilia
hirsutophilia / body hair / gynelophilia
latex / rubber 
longhair / trichophilia
lycra / spandex / darlexx
masks / hoods 
military gear
orthodontiphilia / braces
punk / tepistaphilia
raver / clubwear
rubber gloves
sfx contact lenses / eyes
shoes (refitism)
skinhead gear 
sports gear (armor/padding)
sports gear (jersey/shorts /uniform)
sports gear (jocks/cups)
stockings / fishnets
underwear / thongs
vinyl / pvc
yiffy / plushies / fursuiting / furvert


physical fetishes
0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Fetish Names (click for a definition) sub 100% sub 75% sub 50% Sub 25% Sub 0%
abrasion play / scratching
acrotomophilia / amputee / apotemnophilia
adolescentism / infantilism / baby play
agalmatophilia / statues / mannequins
age play (chronophilia)
anal play
aquaphilia / water fetish 
armpits / masehalophilia
asphyxiation (asphyxiophilia) / breath play
automotive fetishism / car fetish
balloonism (looning)
bare feet (aretifism)
barebacking / sans condus
bastinado / foot torture
biting (odaxelagnia)
blindfold (amaurophilia) 
bloodsports (hæmatophilia) (hematolagnia)
bondage (vincilagnia)
breast lactation (lactaphilia)
c.b.t. (phalloorchoalgolagnia) / tamakeri
castration (acrotomophila)
celebriphilia / celebrities
creampie / felching
crushing / smothering
cum / sperm
dehumanization / objectification
dermographism (scratching/cutting)
dildos / strap on (prosthetic phallus) 
dog / puppy / obedience 
doll fetish (objectification) 
edgeplay / knife / gunplay 
electrostimuli (e-stim)
enema / klismaphilia
enlargement: pumping
enlargement: saline
exhibitionism / autagonistophilia
face sitting/ smothering / queening
family play / incest fantasy
farts / flatulence  (eproctophilia)
fat fetishism 
feet / foot worship / podophilia
feminization / sissification
fire / pyrophilia 
foodplay (sitophilia)
formophoria / formophilia / slaves as objects
frotteurisim / groping / drysex
ghosts / spirits  (spectrophilia)
giants / macrophilia
gothic sexuality / dark sexuality / tenebrophilia
group sex / orgy
hierophilia / theophilia / religious objects
hypnosis / mind control
infantilism / autonepiophilia / baby play
interracial / miscegenation
katoptronophilia / mirrors
kissing / filiphilia
medical / iatronudia
menophilia / menstruation
messy sex
mucophilia / spit / gob
mud / mysophilia / quicksand
murder (erotophonophilia)
muscles / muscle worship (cratophilia)
narratophilia / cursing / swearing / verbal
necrophilia / death
nipple play
olfactophilia / osphresiolagnia / smells
pædophilia / hebephilia
pain / algolagnia / masochism
panties / feminization / sissification
partner & third party voyerism (troilism)
pony / equestrianism
pregnancy (maiesiophilia)
rape / assault / ravishment
robbery / theft (harpaxophilia)
robot / technosexuality 
rope play / kinbaku / shibari
rough trade 
sadism / masochism
scarification / burning / branding
sensory deprivation
sexual bribery / negotaion
sleeping / unconciousness (somnophilia)
smoking (capnolagnia)
snot / booger  (mucophilia)
snowballing / cum swap 
sounding / cock stuffing / urethral play (UP)
spanking / dippoldism / caning
sweat / salirophilia
tears (dacrylagnia)
tickling / acarophilia / knismesis
transsexualism / andromimetophilia
urine odor / renifleurism
vampirism (odaxelagnia)
vomit (emetophilia) (vorarephilia)
vorarephilia / phagophilia
voyeurism - watching (scopophilia)
watersports / ondinism / undinism / urine
wax drippings
wrestling  (agonophilia) (sthenolagnia)

sexual self
are you comfortable with experimentation?

yes, provided trust is not an issue...

are you comfortable with experimentation? yes------------ no
how frequently do you masturbate?

again, one of those emails that catches me off guard. "Hi. my name is steve. how often do you get yourself off?" for the most part, once or twice daily when i am single. when i am not single, it depends on the frequency of sex.

how frequently do you masturbate?
whom are you comfortable talking about sex with?

just about anyone, really...

whom are you comfortable talking about sex with?
make some comments about yourself:

i'm at that stage where i am too old to be childish, and too young to be old and frumpy.... i feel that life is what you make of it, but one should always be aware of those around you. i think someone should throw some chlorine in the gene pool... little things make me happy, like email from strangers, and strangers with candy. games are only fun when people get hurt (especially when children are involved.) all in all, i think this page should give a pretty good idea of who i am, and how i think. if there's something else you want to know, email me.

make some comments about yourself:


summary conclusion
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