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All images posted to my blog ( were found in public domain websites. The images were not watermarked, nor tagged with copyright information. They were posted in common, public and indexable locations. (This means they also could have been found through Google Images, and other search engines.) Please understand that not only is no infringement of copyright intended, but that no implications of privacy or copyright could be established based on the source of the image. (In other words: The way I found your image, there was no way for me to know the owner/subject wanted it to be kept private.)

There is no need to be hostile, upset, or impolite to me. I posted your image on my blog because I found it erotic, aesthetic, and appealing. (Consider it a form of flattery.) I am more than happy to give due credit or remove images as soon as I am aware that there is an issue, without objection or fuss. I didn't "steal" your image, or post it here with any intent to violate your rights or privacy. If I caused you an inconvenience, I am sorry- no harm was meant.

Be aware that while I am happy to remove the image, or give you credit for the image (and link to your blog or site if you'd like,) this action will only affect my blog. I strongly suggest you attempt to identify the public, common source of the image and remove the copy there as well.

Lastly, please note that providing the URL of the objectionable image to me, rather than reporting the image directly to BDSMlr will ensure that the image is removed from my hard drives, and is not inadvertanlty shared again. Images reported directly to BDSMlr are deleted without reference, so I have no way of knowing which image I should not repost-- this may cause the image to be reposted again.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

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