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Much of the diificulty in the fetish community is that the mainstream society does not accept fetishism... so, a great challenge of fetishists is to identify themselves and their interests to others without being obviosu to the common person. For this reason, a whole bevvy of codes and abbrevations have been developed. Below are the most common abbreviations used for common fetishes...


icon fetish 4 letter abbreviation 3 letter abbreviation 2 letter abbreviation
abasiophilia / prosthetics / orthopædic appliances orth prs op
abduction fetishism
abduction abdt adt ab
abrasion play / scratching skch skr sk
infantilism fetish
adolescentism / infantilism / baby play  (autonepiophilia) baby bbp bb
anal play
anal play aspl anl an
armpit fetishism
armpits / masehalophilia pits pit pt
asphyxiation (asphyxiophilia) / breath play brth brp bp
barefoot fetishism
bare feet (aretifism) feet / foot fet fe
barebacking / sans condus bare bba bb
bastinado / foot torture fotr ftt ft
bloodsports (hæmatophilia) (hematolagnia) blod bld bl
body modification
body modification (stigmatophilia) bodm bdm bm
bondage (vincilagnia) bond bnd bd
boot fetish
boots boot but bt
bukkake bkke bkk bk
c.b.t. (phalloorchoalgolagnia) / tamakeri cobt cbt gt
chastity  chst ctd ch
chav  / scally / charver chav chv cv
crossdressing (transvestism)(disambiguation) crds csd cd
dehumanization / objectification dehu dhu dh
denim / jeans  denm dnm dn
depilation / shaving shav shv sh
dildos / strap on (prosthetic phallus)  dild dld dd
dog / puppy / obedience  dogp / pupp dog/pup pp
dominance domt dom dm
down  down dwn dw
edging  edge edg eg
electrostimuli (e-stim) estm est es
feminization / sissification femn fem fm
fingering  fing fin fn
fisting fist fff ff
gasmasks  gasm gsm gm
glamwear / seduziphilia glam glm gl
gloves glov glv gv
gothic sexuality / dark sexuality / tenebrophilia goth gth gt
group sex / orgy orgy org og
humiliation huml hum hu
latex fetish
latex / rubber  rubr /latx rub / ltx rb / lx
leather fetish
leather  lthr ltr lr
longhair fetish
longhair / trichophilia lngh lnh lh
lycra / spandex
lycra / spandex / darlexx sndx sdx sx
medical / iatronudia medc med me
messy sex mess mss ms
military gear milt mil mi
mud / mysophilia / quicksand mudy mud mu
mummification mumm mum mm
muscles / muscle worship (cratophilia) (sthenolagnia) musc mus mc
narratophilia / cursing / swearing / verbal / narratophilia vrbl vbl vb
nipple play nipl npp tt
olfactophilia / osmolagnia / osphresiolagnia / smells  / ozolagnia smel sml sc
pain / algolagnia / masochism sado sdo so
plastic plst pst pt
PnP panp pnp pp
pony / equestrianism equs eqs eq
pugilism pnch pch pn
punk / tepistaphilia punk pnk pk
rape (raptophilia) / assault (biastophilia) / ravishment rape rpe rp
raver / clubwear rave rvr rv
respirators  resp rsp rs
restraints rstr rst rt
rimming rimm rim rm
roleplaying role rol rp
rope play / kinbaku / shibari rope rop ro
rough trade
rough trade  trde trd tr
rubber gloves rrgl rrg rg
sadism / masochism sado snm sm
scat scat sct sc
sensory deprivation fetish
sensory deprivation sens sdp sd
shoes (refitism) [abbreviations are specific to sneakers] snkr snk sn
skinheads  skin skn sk
slavery slav slv sl
spanking / dippoldism / caning spnk spk sp
sports gear (jocks/cups) jock jck jc
stockings / fishnets stng stg st
tattoos tatt tat ta
underwear / thongs undr und un
uniforms unif unf uf
vampirism (odaxelagnia) vamp vmp vp
vinyl / pvc pvcv pvc pc
watersports / ondinism / undinism / urine / piss wasp wsp ws
wax drippings waxp wax wx
wrestling  (agonophilia) (sthenolagnia) wrsl wsl wl
yiffy / plushies / fursuiting / furvert (plushophilia) yiff yif yf
zentai zent znt zn


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