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I grew up in the 80's, a product of the MTV generation, (you know, back when they actually used to play music videos.) I developed a lust for the half-naked, leather-clad men with long hair in the glam and rock videos on TV... A fragile blend of masculinity and androgyny; soft beautiful faces with flowing hair and lined eyes on thin, muscular frames with pale, tattoed skin...

When I was 16, I started dating an 18 year old guy whom I thought was attractive. He had long hair, and a lean, muscular body (which fit the "rockstar" image I alluded to.) He was in a band, and for our fourth date he invited me to come see his band play.

I remember distinctly, he wore thin calf-skin leather pants on stage, and they laced closed all the way from the ass to the front- they were tight. He wore a black latex tank top, (which was a sort of silvery grey when compared to the leather pants,) which clung to his chest, outlining his six pack in a glossy weave of shine and shadow. As he sauntered around the stage, the creases and folds of the thin leather around his cock, and the glossy latex on his chest- a fluid shiny black encasing which moved with his body, mirroring the grace and sexuality of his movement.. It did me in. I remember thinking that he was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. After the show, he came off stage-- and the moment when he stood in front of me after the show was where some of my fetishes became embedded for life.

Basically, everything that was the image of sexuality in my mind was embodied in him at that moment. His long hair was damp with sweat, his body glistening with it... his torso slick with the sweat that had collected between him and the latex... and the scent that came from him- the combination of his cologne, his deodorant, his body odor, and the latex-- it was pure eroticism. The lighting in the club highlighted his body, adding shadows to his musculature the latex clung to, and contrast to his tattoo, glistened on his piercings-- it added contrast to his pale skin versus the black of the latex and the leather... the fingerless gloves on his hands, the leather cuff bracelets he wore, the leather pants, and the tall, chunky black boots he wore. All of this combined with the "rockstar lust", so when he leaned into me and asked if I was ready to go, he reached down and felt the erection I had pressing against him, and answered himself with "I guess so."

Now, that incident alone probably would have been enough to concrete latex and leather as fetishes for me... but the night didn't end there. We went back to his place, and on the way, we talked. What started as "Did you like the band?" quickly migrated to the fact that I more enjoyed looking at him, and why... and the conversation seemed to make him happy. As we pulled into his driveway he told me his housemate was gone for the weekend... (Sounds like the setup for a bad porno movie, I know... But, there you have it.)

Now, at 16, I was no stranger to sex, in the vanilla sense. For that matter I had leather and PVC clothing of my own. While I found them hot, I had never mixed the two- at least not with another person.. Dating someone a couple of years older than me who had a handful of fetishes-- and the fact that he was the embodyment of sexual ideal for me drove the fetishes we shared into the foreground of my sexuality permanently. We spent several hours exploring his fetishes to see if I liked them. He was submissive, so he talked me through what he liked and why... We played with bondage, breath control, vibrators and dildos, a bit of s&m and waxplay, and switched the top/bottom roles a few times. And while I unlaced the leather pants to have access to his cock and his ass, he never took off any of his clothing, (or his boots) off until we woke up midway through the night curled up in his bed. The experience was burned into my brain-- the sheer eroticism of the experience changed me forever... and that is how it all began.

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