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red latex
a red latex catsuit... and i'd rather not discuss the background...
black latex shirt
my hair is mussed and damp with sweat... from dancing. and no, that is not a euphamism in this case...
latex clubbing makeup
going to the club... two hours in front of the mirror with a micro-brush for those lines, which i smeared 15 minutes later...
this image was inspired by a breath play moment...
i look annoyed in this one, though i'm not. how could anyone be annoyed in a black catsuit?
in the snow, in front of the cemetery cathedral. the leather pants are surprisingly warm.
dance floor
on the dance floor, literally.
this was taken for a magazine article which was never published...
rubber goth
a latex catsuit at the peak of summer is interesting when the air conditioning is being repaired...
my smile in this one is a bit mona lisa-esque
latex goth
another catsuit image...
latex chains
a rejected image from the magazine shoot
catsuit goth
"we'll bite and scratch and scream all night..."
goth makeup
another clubbing makeup fiasco... aluminium powder is not compatible with contact lenses, for the record.
playing with fire does not always leave you burned...
sepia-toned corsetry, for the vintage look... or something.
yet another catsuit image.
and yet another.
violet latex
latex with a purple hue...
fetish goth
another catsuit image. i like the latex, what can i say?
goth fetish
makeup and latex and long hair, oh my...
more makeup concepts...
my favourite boots
ah, my red hair phase...
bondage goth
chained in a corset. not a cliché at all. really.
as demonstrated by this image, boots can never have enough buckles.
another fishnet shirt and corset combo
pssst. you. come here.
gothboy fetish
i think pvc is underappreciated in the fetish community....
cemetery goth
at the cemetery at night, in the snow... latex catsuits and corsets do not insulate as well as anticipated.
cemetery fetish
i love old cemeteries... they are so peaceful, and have some truly beautiful stones...
dancing at a club...
latex glove goth
i have a thing for opera-length black latex gloves... i'm not sure why, but I believe trent reznor on the cover of rolling stone magazine is to blame.
gay goth
on the george washington bridge, at the u of m
coming up the stairs...
gay goth boi
purple leather and johnny the homicidal maniac. what more could one want?
purple leather
i love my purple leather pants...
window seat
the window seat at 438
the obligatory leather trench coat
me in a white shirt- a rare occurrence

having a bare-chested rockstar moment.
laying on the bed in latex

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