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nerds and geeks: better between the sheets?

There are a lot of types of guys out there... typically, though, it seems that most guys are always attracted to the slick, outgoing, smooth, uber-stylish guy...  The guy with the latest Ambercrombie and Fitch outfit and the boutique sunglasses who has probably spend a couple of hours getting his hair to look just right.  And, don't get me wrong; he's hot. Great eye candy.  But, when it comes to a functional relationship, I just can't see myself being happy with a guy like that.

It shouldn't be a surprise that I find pale, skinny goth guys attractive...  And, for those of you who have poked around the site and read a bit, it shouldn't surprise you that I drool at skinny rocker boys as well, (and if you put either of them in something tight, shiny, and black, all the better.)  But, while the rocker guy and the goth are often attractive, dare I say, even beautiful-- often beautiful people do not make ideal partners... they know they are beautiful, and their ego gets in the way. The alternative is to find a beautiful guy who has a poor self-image- but that can sometimes be a litany of emotional and psychological issues that may be more drama and emotional work than one is up for...

So, what is a guy to do?  It is rare to find a beautiful goth guy these days-- especially one who is gay, and not more than a decade younger than me...  and gay rocker boys are pretty much in the same class of 'hard to come by', since anybody who can pick up an instrument and play a catchy tune is made into a rock star... Where does one look to find the ideal, pale, skinny guy?

Enter the nerd. The geek. The computer-addicted, game playing dork who spent his teenage years in his parent's basement either playing Dungeons and Dragons, teaching himself chemistry, or soldering a cicuit board. These greatly under-rated guys are ideal mates...

I see that you have your doubts, but hear me out.  Granted, many nerds and geeks are socially awkward, and sometimes inept at communicating, (especially with someone they are attracted to,) but a vast majority of the time they are well-meaning guys, who are honest, sincere, and true to their word. (I have never had a geeky guy not call me exactly when he said he would. The same can not be said for the smooth Ambercrombie guy with the perfect hair...)  And, their good intentions are often sweet; based in romanticism and chivalry which is all but dead to most other people. 

Now, I grant you that their idea of romantic may not be the same as yours...  Designing a flash webpage that lists the many ways they adore you, or setting up a picnic in a field so you can watch the Formicidae Hymenoptera (that would be the standard picnic ant,) and their food collection behaviour is not out of the question to them, but they do it because they want to share their interests with you... and, hey- it's better than spending an hour watching Ambercrombie guy do his hair and speak of the virtues of a particular hair mousse.

And, since we're comparing the nerd to Ambercrombie guy, let's consider intelligence. If you want to hold a philosophical conversation, or talk politics, you're on golden territory with the nerdy guy.  Ambercrombie guy may think that Nietsche is a german brand of sneaker... The geeky guy may happily discuss Ubermench, and may even draw a parallel to the technology man has built, such as that new motherboard he just put together last week...

So, you're not into skinny, pale guys. That's fine!  Geeky and nerdy guys come in all shapes and sizes. You like big, hairy bear type guys? No problem.  You like tall, muscular guys?  You'd be amazed what months of hammering together an exact replica of the sword from Lord of the RIngs can do for a geek's physique... and, of course, there are a plethora of skinny, wiry, pale guys.

While certainly not true of all, many nerds and geeks of the gay world are typically neglected when it comes to dating and love life...   When they finally find someone they are intetrested in who is interested in them as well, they are eager to please.   They remember anniversaries, birthdays, and generally want to make their love interest happy.  Couple that with their natual romaticism and chivalry, and you've got a pretty ideal guy.

for some reason, many nerds and geeks don't have the fortune of finding a love interest so easily.  (This may be in part because geeks and nerds tend to gather in places commonly associated with their interests, and you are not likely to find one in a bar, club, or pickup joint.   So, they don't get out of the geek/njerd world often, and as a result are often alone.  So, they fantasize and masterbate a lot...  they develop fantasies-- and some of which get to be fairly kinky...   They scour the web for porn, sometimes specialized in a particular genre, such as science-fiction porn, or fetish porn...    The sexual energy and fantasies build up, like a battery of sexual energy- and when they are finally able to tap that resource of sexuality...  well... I can tell you from experience, they can be AMAZING in bed.  And, many geeks have a kinky side. (It helps if you can find their stash of porn on their computer...   Nothing will make a geek melt more than coming to bed to find you ready to participate in their secret fetish. (I know where you can get a latex Star Trek uniform...)   And, because they are willing to please you, they will happily yield to your fetish wants too! ("Put on this latex shirt." "Why?" "Because it's sexy."  "Okay!")

Now, there are some downsides to being with a geek or nerd.  For example, he may not want to do all fo the things you enjoy doing. But, it all depends on what you like doing. The average geek will not want to go with you to a sports game, and probably won't be all that keen on going out to a club. But, he probably will go with you to see a play, opera, or movie (provided it's not a mindless action flick.)  And, you can always barter.  "I'll go to the sci-fi convention dressed as a Vulcan if you come with me to the Whitby Festival..."   Another downside is that they can be a bit obsessive about some things... but, life is a compromise...   Putting up with a shrine to unopened original Star Wars figurines in a glass case which you are not allowed to touch is a small price to pay for being with a sweet intelligent guy who wants to make you happy...

As an added perk, you will almost never hear things like "Yo, dawg, Whazzap!" or "Damn, Baby- you fine." come out of their mouths.  They are well spoken, intelligent guys who know how to use the Enlgish language, punctuation and all.   They can tell the difference between their, there, and they're.  When they urinate, it miraculously all ends up IN the toilet, (which, though I can't figure out, some guys can't manage!) and you will not have to worry about him coming home drunk, stoned, or high...  (Though you may have to worry about caffiene overdoses after a night out with the guys gaming and roleplaying...

So, single guys of the world, (and single ladies,) consider a nerd or a geek for your next relationship. You'll be glad you did...

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