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December has come upon us, and it seems like the days are all to quick to pass. The clock makes haste to push the hour hand back to the top, and gravity is all too eager to pull it down again- a constant struggle which leaves time racing by as if it were in unlimited supply... And yet, I sit here and contemplate what I am going to gift to my friends and loved ones this upcoming holiday season. And, as if that weren't enough, I have been asked by a number of family what I would like to get this December. Naturally, the solution I came up with was a wishlist on

Now, my friends are well aware of the majority of my fetishes... My family, on the other hand, are not so much; and I probably would prefer to keep it that way. Just as I would rather not consider that my mother, father, and respective step-parents probably have some kink going on in their bedroom, I am certain they would prefer not to think about what I and my partner do in "bed", (or on the kitchen counter.) Despite the fact that my friends are aware of my kinky side, I refrained from putting any gift items which fall into the "kinky" category on the Amazon wish list I created. Instead, I kept to books, sheet music, and the occasional furniture item from

Here in the United States, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday is called "Black Friday". Retailers and companies throughout the country consider it the start of the Holiday Shopping Season, and in the spirit of consumerism, they offer sales and loss-leaders, and open their doors well before daylight. It's an odd phenomenon which had lead me to refuse to venture anywhere near a place of commerce for a few days after the Thanksgiving holiday. So, on Black Friday I sat peacefully at home working away on a project. Throughout the day, I recieved emails from retailers telling me about all of the great sales and bargains I was missing, which I ignored for the most part... until I receieved a few emails from fetish retailers and suppliers.

Yes, you read it right. On Black Friday, I could have saved 25% on anal toys, 30% on gags and masks, and 50% on restraints and cuffs... Now, of course, just like everyone else at this time of year, I have to focus my financial capabilities on the task of getting presents for everyone on my list, (which is an undertaking into itself.) Buying items for one's self is not something most people can do around the holidays, and I am no exception. And, sure- a number of my friends and people on my list would be more than happy with a new set of anal beads or a new leather wrist and ankle cuff set... but, I hesitate to buy these things; because they are not on their wish list! Besides, I don't want to buy someone something they already have, and I'm not absolutely sure that some of my friends don't already own the 'Ass-Blaster Deluxe Silicone 10" Dildo with realistic texture; 50% off." And so, the vicious cycle begins. My friends are not likely to get any fun bedroom toys from me, because I don't know what they have, what they want, and they didn't put anything on their wish list. (Sorry, Chris- in my mind, boots don't count as a bedroom toy since they can be worn elsewhere.) Similarly, I didn't put anything on my wish list in the kink category because I didn't want to bother my parents with having to consider what their son might be doing with a new gasmask and cattle prod this holiday season...

So, the simple solution: make two wish lists. My primary wish list is for everyone: friends, family, relatives... the other is just for the friends who wouldn't be offended by the knowledge that I would like my stocking stuffed with things black, shiny, and battery powered. It's a simple solution, and one that I recommend for anyone who is open with their friends about their bedroom life...

For those friends who want to know what is on my "other list", (and for those generous benefactors out there who have asked how they can donate to this site), my fetish wish list can be found here: .

I hope everyone has a great holiday, and that everyone gets a chance to do something filthy under some mistletoe!
Happy Holidays

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