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Most of my fetishes are visual, or tactile... To me, a partially clothed male is more sensual than a fully nude male; and if the partial clothing is latex, leather, or something synthetic and shiny, so much the better. A lot of strange little things are arousing to me. For example, if a guy is wearing fingerless gloves, (you know, the kind used by athletes, cyclists, and the like,) and leaves them on in bed, that's hot. If a guy is naked, except for his boots, that's sexy. (Boots and gloves is sexier.) Add a latex shirt to that mix, and you've got my full attention... Synthethic, shiny, and black is always a plus-- latex, leather, PVC, neoprene, plastic and vinyl... But, I have one fetish I've recently discovered that caught me off guard, and that I'm still coming to terms with. As the summer ends, and autumn takes hold, I thought I would focus on this new found kink: sweat. sweat fetish
sweat fetishism

Sweat is arousing, under the right conditions. Not all sweat gets me excited, but, under the right circumstances, a body wet with sweat can be mind-blowing... I'm sure some of you are probably thinking that the idea is disgusting, and a few months ago, I would have agreed with you, but keep an open mind.

Anyone with a tape measure can tell you that all guys are not created equal. Each has their own, unique smell when they sweat. After doing some reading, I've learned that there is more to this than diet and health, but individual hormones, and genetics plays a part in what is excreted in sweat, as well as how sweat is produced. Androstenol is a hormone excreted by fresh male sweat, and is said to be arousing. Androstenone is the hormone emitted once that sweat becomes exposed to oxygen, and is said to be an unpleasant smell, but can still be arousing for some. The former, androstenol, is short-lived, (about 10 minutes after fresh sweat is produced,) and then becomes androstenone, which generally does not elicit a chemical reaction of arousal in a majority of people. So, basically, if you've just finished an exertive physical activity, you have 10 minutes of good sweat, before it becomes stale, malodorous sweat.

This is why when some sweat, it smells unpleasant and strong, and when others sweat, it's not so noticable, or they smell good; it's how you percieve their odor, and how old the sweat is. Someone who's odor doesn't offend you may offend someone else, and there are some studies being done on the compatibility of people based on how they smell to one another. (In other words, if you love the way your lover smells when they have recently sweat, odds are you're truly compatible. If your lover's freshsweat is unpleasant to you, you're probably not the ideal match. While the scientific data to support this concept is still lacking, it's an interesing thought...

What I've learned is that a healthy vegetarian's androstenol scent is generally more appealing than a meat-eating male. Vegans fare below the meat-eaters on the odor scale. Men with higher body fat tend to produce less androstenol, where lean men produce more. Men who are muscular produce the most, up to a point, but if their muscle mass is greater than their natural body ratio, the hormone becomes less prevalent and is replaced with other hormones. So, physically, lean, lightly muscular men are the best-scent producers.

sweat sexy
sweat and latex

So, with all of that said, my biggest fetish by far is latex, which emits an odor naturally. Latex is a non-breathable, water-tight material... so, when you put a toned, fit male into a latex shirt, and make him sweat, and their individual smell is one which is compatible with your sense of smell and genetic makeup, it can be a truly amazing senory experience...

So, next time your man has just finished a workout, or some hot, sweaty yardwork- don't be so quick to push him away... take a whiff first and see what happens.

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