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The contents of this site are protected by international copyright laws. Those interested in reposting images, text or content of this site may contact the webmaster using the form at the bottom of this page. Content may be reposted only with written consent from the content owner, and only under the following guidelines:

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coverage of policies and copyrights
The disclaimers, notices, and information contained on this page is all inclusive, and is meant to define all webpages within the domains of, and, including all subfolders, files, images, text, scripts and data contained therein. 

The content of all pages within the domain of of, and, including all subfolders, files, images, text, scripts and data contained therein, are protected under the Copyright laws of the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Papua New Guinea, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, France, and the European Union. The contents of this site are the sole property of Eryck Herouin, and the GayFetishGoth [GFG LLC]., unless otherwise indicated on the individual page. Reproduction, republication, reposting, or use of the contents, images, text, or data within this domain is strictly prohibited by law without written consent and authorization from the webmaster, and is subject to the conditions of the copyright laws in which the material is reproduced and/or used.
privacy policy
The webmaster, and the site designing agency [GayFetishGoth [GFG LLC]], will never sell, market, or solicit any email address or URL submitted to, or posted on this site, under any circumstances. The webmaster and site design agency is not responsible for the actions of the website host (, it's partners, subsidiaries, parent company/companies, or how the server administration will affect the solicitation/unwarranted emails of the addresses posted on this site. Additionally, this website is scanned by search engine robots and 'spiders', and the webmaster, site design agency, and our affiliates and partners are not responsible for the actions of other agencies, organizations, site visitors, or parties and their use or misuse of the information posted on this site.
site definitions
While this site is considered as reference, but the webmaster, the design agents, the host, or administrators of this site do not make any claim to the actuality or factuality of the information contained on pages within this site. The webmaster, designers, and administrators of this site do not necessarily condone, endorse, or officiate any subject which is represented or alluded to on this site, through direct or indirect allusion. This site does not condone, in any way, shape or form, ANY unlawful act, any form of child pornography, or the participation of minor(s) in sexual acts of any kind. The sexual acts discussed, defined, alluded to, represented, or suggested on this site are solely intended for the purposes of information and research, and the webmaster, site designer(s), hosts, partners, and affiliates do not necessarily condone or endorse any such act. The views, opinions, beliefs, comments, and text of this site are intended solely for the purposes of editorialization, research, entertainment and/or artistic expression, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, practices, actions, or endorsement of any member of the web design agency, the webmaster(s), the site host(s), administrator(s), our partners, affiliates, friends, or family.
images and graphics
The images, graphics, and artwork on this site are the sole property of GayFetishGoth [GFG LLC], and are covered by the copyright information available in the copyright notice(s) at the top of this page. The site does not, nor will it ever, contain or include any pornographic images. The images on this site artistic depictions, and representations, but do not reflect any sexual act in a pornographic or elicit way.
allusions and references to sexuality
This site does not contain any information, images, or text which can be construed as pornographic under the law(s) of the county, city, state, or nation in which it is maintained, or hosted. The information on this site is for purposes or psychological research and/or open discussions pertaining to the nature of human psychology. The information contained herein does not reflect directly on any individual person, including but not limited to the webmaster, the site design agency, host(s), administrator(s), and/or all party or parties involved in the creation, maintenance, upkeep, and publication of this site.
liability and accuracy of information contained herein
The webmaster, author(s), and all parties participating in this site are in no way liable for the content of this site. The information contained within this domain is considered to be fictional, editorial, and no claims are made to factuality or accuracy of any of the information contained within or provided, in relation to the author, webmaster(s), or any parties aforementioned on this page. The site is presented at the discretion of the viewer/visitor, and the rights of self-censoring are solely the responsibility of the viewer. The information contained is presented at your own risk. If you are offended, upset, unnerved, perturbed, disturbed, or put-off by any of the data contained herein, the partied aforementioned on this page are in no way liable or responsible; you have the right to leave at any time. Use, reproduction, public dissemination, reproduction, or printed release of the information, images, text or data outside of the scope of access via the worldwide web is an infringement of the copyright laws under which this site is governed.
This site, it's contents, imagery, graphics, and other data are protected by several laws. Dissemination of any of the materials contained herein without explicit written permission is a violation of law. If you would like permission to use information contained in this site, or would like a clarification of the policies, laws, limited liabilities, or guidelines under which this site operates, both listed above and/or not disclosed on this page, please contact the webmaster.

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