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fetish factory

A brick and mortar store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA with a pretty significant stock of fetish wear and kinky toys. They're where a good amount of where my gear has come from over the years; I stop in evertime I am in Florida. Their website has a good selection, too.
Link Here

invincinble rubber

One of the most reknowed latex and rubber fetish clothing manufacturers, Invincible has been in business for 13+ years out of Nottingham, East Midlands, England in the United Kindgom. They ship worldwide, and because they are a manufacturer, they can make exactly what you want without a huge wait...
Link here

More special effects contact lenses, but unlike most sites, these are not disposable; they are designed for long-term use, and they are available in prescription strengths! Worldwide shipping via FedEx from the US.
Link here
The largest fetish store in the United Kingdom, their brick-and-mortar store in London has been around for 30 years. A wide selection of fetish wear, toys, lubes. aromas, books, gifts, etc. Worldwide shipping.
Link here
A US based company, in business since 1991. Their unique designs of panties, lingerie, and fantasy wear are created to fit the masculine form to perfection, and are suitable for the man seeking a feminine touch.

A Nottingham, UK-based latex purveyor and manufacturer of armbands, belts, bags, bedding, gloves, socks, harnesses, hoods, gags, puppy gear, restraints, sheaths, sleep sacs, straight jackets, aprons, catsuits, and clothing. Worldwide shipping, and very reasonable pricing.
Link here

A Canadian designer and manufacturer of unique, and high quality latex fashions for men and women, ideal for fetishist, and as clubwear. Some truly beautiful pieces. Shipping to most countries worldwide.
Link here
latex 101
Two guys in the UK who manufacturer some very high quality shorts and garments for men, at very reasonable prices. It takes up to 8 weeks for your order to ship, but it is well worth the wait. Worldwide shipping. (Sorry, ladies- menswear only!)
Link here

An online fetish store from North Carolina, in the United States, feturing over 1.700 toys and products ranging from a to z.
Link here
From Germany, PVC and Vinyl pants, shirts, and raw materials are available here. Link here
Leather, harnesses, latex, hoods, jewellery, toys, and more from Germany. Link here
This shop resulted in some awkward questions when I returned home through customs from the Netherlands... Since then, I use their international shipping. :atex, neoprene, leather, toys and restraints. Link here
ROB Amsterdam
Rubber, leather, sportkit, toys & silicone lubes... ROB Amsterdam is one of the better known shops, with a wide selection.
Black Store Universe
A swiss company with leathers, neoprene, latex, and their own, unique store brand gear. Link here
Rub Addiction
From Berlin, a wide selection of latex gear for the discerning fetishist. A wide array and selection of rubber gear, of a notable quality. Link here
Westward Bound
Quality latex gear from the UK, including some unique styles not easily found. (This is where much of my formalwear comes from.) Link here
Unbelievably stunning dungeon furniture. I have their hellcat bench, and it is one of my favourite things ever. Link here
One of the better-known names in the UK fetish scene, Libidex garments are well made. I wear latex underwear daily, and many ask where I find it: this is the place. Link here
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