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abbreviations Fetish Abbreviations
A list of codes and abbreviations used for fetishes. These abbreviations are a way of 'coding' one's fetish in personal advertisements, or on websites- so that only people who know what the abbrevations mean, (by virtue, people sharing an interest in said fetish,) were able to identify the meanings. Click here to view fetish abbreviations.
hanky code The Colour / Hanky Code
The hankerchief code or 'hanky code' was widely used in the United States in the 1970's as a wayof indicating the types of fetishes or sexual activities they were seeking. The colours of this "code" have since become a guidelines for symbols and flags to identify the fetishes the hankerchiefs were meant to identify. Click here to view the handy code.

bear code The Bear Code
The bear code was established in 1989 as a means of coding for personal ads by 'bears', (gay men who are typically hairy, whom often project an image of working-class masculinity,) meant as a means of clearly identifying characteristics while keeping the length to a minimum.




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